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Alexis Fawx Cherie Deville Dream Pairings

Alexis Fawx Cherie Deville Dream Pairings

Alexis Fawx Cherie Deville Dream Pairings by Girlsway

Alexis Fawx Cherie Deville Dream Pairings free lesbian porn video clip:

Porn info:

Scene from movie: Dream Pairings: Operation Spread Eagle
Directed by: ?
Starring: Alexis Fawx, Cherie Deville
Studio: Girlsway
Production Year: 2017
Scene released: 2017-03-02
Scene length: 07:30
Categories: Outdoors, Blonde, Big Tits, Girl on Girl, Natural Tits, Small Tits, Rim Job, Fingering, MILF & Mature, Squirting, Pussy Licking, Tribbing


Airman Fawx is called straightaway to Ms. Deville’s private residence, where the sergeant confronts the airman with what she knows about the storage closet.
By eating Ms. Applegate’s pussy till she squirted, Ms. Fawx desecrated the property of the United States Air Force.
The sergeant circles the airman closely. Ms. Deville has a choice to make. She can report airman Alexis, in which case she would be dismissed from service and face the full extent of the law.
Or, she can give Ms. Faux the opportunity to prove to Ms.
Deville that she wasn’t doing those filthy lesbian things to Ms. Applegate. Warned of the consequences of her actions, Alexis trembles in fear.
Whether or not the sergeant reports her actions, Alexis needs to be punished. Ms. Deville rips open Alexis’ shirt and threatens to send her to the brig.
Startled and frightened, Alexis agrees to Ms. Deville’s punishment. The sergeant yanks out the airman’s huge bosoms and takes a mouthful.
When Alexis utters a single word in protest, Cherie commands her to shut her mouth unless it’s to obey.
Otherwise, only ‘yes ma’am’ or ‘no ma’am’ should be spoken. She tweaks her nipple authoritatively, then lays her on her lap and spanks her ass with her belt.
Cherie puts her hand on the trembling airman’s vagina and rubs her through her pants.
She can feel her panties are wet. She wants to know if she’s wet from being spanked, or because she’s thinking about her precious AJ.
Sergeant Deville pulls down the airman’s pants and rubs her naked pussy directly, spreading her wetness and spanking her bare ass.
She wants to know if Alexis fantasizes about what she looks like out of uniform. Then she makes Alexis stand up and pirouette her naked body.
Sucking her nipples till they stand at attention, Cherie demands to know if Alexis fucked a woman before AJ. She commands Alexis to take off her pants, and Alexis obeys.
Gloating in the terror she evokes, and excited for the orgasm Alexis is about to give her, Cherie pulls up her uniform displaying her bare pussy between her stockinged thighs.
She commands Alexis to show her, with enthusiasm, what she was doing to AJ. Alexis puts her mouth on Cherie’s pussy, and Cherie fucks Alexis’ face, screaming while the airman sucks the cum out of her.
Cherie strips off her jacket wanting to know what Alexis would do to avoid a court martial.
She commands Alexis to stuff her tags all the way inside the sergeant’s pussy, then orders her to lie down on the sofa and spread her legs.
Cherie sits on Alexis’ pussy and tribs Alexis using the tags to get her off. But she strictly forbids her from cumming first.
After tribbing herself to orgasm, Cherie leans on the sofa and makes airman Fawx pulls the tags out of her pussy with her teeth.
She tells Alexis her punishment will be smelling like her pussy. And when the smell wears off, she’ll come back for more.
Just the thought of that makes Cherie want to cum again. She commands Alexis to finger her pussy with as many fingers as she can fit.
She rides the airman’s face while Alexis works her own pussy to the brink of explosion.
Then Cherie licks and fingers Alexis’s swollen pussy, ordering the airman to cum when she counts down from ten!

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