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Charlotte Stokely Scarlett Sage Alex More Sucking up in Class

Charlotte Stokely Scarlett Sage Alex More Sucking up in Class by Girlsway

Charlotte Stokely Scarlett Sage Alex More Sucking up in Class free lesbian porn video clip:

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Scene from movie: Sucking up in Class
Directed by: ?
Starring: Charlotte Stokely, Scarlett Sage, Alex More
Studio: Girlsway
Production Year: 2017
Scene released: 2018-01-04
Scene length: 07:30
Categories: Blonde, Brunette, Girl on Girl, Threesome, Natural Tits, Rim Job, Fingering, Teen, MILF & Mature, Tattoos, Pussy Licking, Facesitting, Tribbing, Lesbian, Uniform


Charlotte Stokely is teaching her class about the birds and the bees. Scarlett Sage and Alex More are young, naughty teenagers who can’t help but pass each other perverted notes. Like most students, they’re bored and don’t care much for school. They had a blast together the night before and are planning a repeat session. Alex takes the note and rubs in on her pussy. The girls start laughing and disrupt the class. Charlotte asks what they’re doing and Scarlett responds that she’s just taking notes. She knows she’s being lied to. When she seizes the note she reads it out loud. Surprised at the content, it looks like the girls were paying more attention than she had initially suspected. Unfortunately for them, she has to report this behavior to their parents. The girls plead with her, begging her not to say anything but her hands are tied, she has no choice. Remembering that their teacher is openly gay, they figure that perhaps they could convince her in other ways. Pondering how, they get up and approach her desk. Charlotte isn’t sure what the girls are up to but they retort that it’s all part of the curriculum: communication, relationships, and sex. They start taking off their shirts but Charlotte isn’t sure about all this, for starters she could lose her job. The girls make her a promise that if she doesn’t tell they won’t either. It’s Saturday after all and they’re the only ones in the whole school. It looks like it’s the girls turn to teach their teacher a lesson!

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