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Kenna James Alexis Fawx Brett Rossi Fantasy Factory 1

Kenna James Alexis Fawx Brett Rossi Fantasy Factory 1

Kenna James Alexis Fawx Brett Rossi Fantasy Factory 1 by Girlsway

Kenna James Alexis Fawx Brett Rossi Fantasy Factory 1 free lesbian porn video clip:

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Scene from movie: Fantasy Factory 1: Parent Teacher Orientation
Directed by: ?
Starring: Kenna James, Alexis Fawx, Brett Rossi
Studio: Girlsway
Production Year: 2017
Scene released: 2017-03-09
Scene length: 07:30
Categories: Blonde, Big Tits, Girl on Girl, Threesome, Natural Tits, Fingering, College, MILF & Mature, Older / Younger, Pussy Licking, Facesitting, Step Mom, Family Roleplay, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Mini Series


Teen student Kenna James has been chronically skipping school all year.
Just when she thinks she’s in the clear to skip today, she finds her stepmom Alexis Fawx on the sofa beside school counsellor Ms. Maverick (Brett Rossi).
Alexis wants to know why Kenna isn’t at school. Kenna fakes being sick but no one buys her story.
They won’t let up trying to understand why a bright girl with a bright future is missing school and getting bad grades.
Ms. Maverick asks Kenna if the problem could be her relationship with her mother.
Kenna says Alexis is her step mother, but the distinction offends Alexis who changed Kenna’s diapers and watched her take her first steps.
Ms. Maverick thinks she understands Kenna’s problem. Kenna needs to feel comfortable with coming out as lesbian to her stepmom.
Alexis objects to Ms. Maverick’s assumption, Kenna was raised to treat sex as a private matter. With encouragement from the counsellor, Kenna admits her involvement with her classmate Uma.
Alexis is angry over her daughter’s revelation, but not because she’s gay! Uma is a little slut making her skip school and throw away her life.
Alexis blurts out that she’s the one who taught Kenna to love women in the first place. Ms. Maverick is horrified that Ms. Fawx had sex with her step daughter.
Even though Kenna was eighteen when it happened, it’s her duty to report it to social services.
Alexis tells Ms. Maverick to contact her lawyers if she has anything more to say, but Kenna tries to calm the women.
Brett suggests they demonstrate their loving relationship to make sure Kenna’s in a safe environment.
She tells them to kiss. Given the ultimatum, Alexis leans in to kiss Kenna, ‘Let’s show Ms. Maverick what a good little girl you can be for Mommy.’ Suddenly, Brett calls out to stop the scene.
Alexis and Kenna abruptly deactivate in a slump on the sofa, and Fantasy Factory technician Serena Blair rushes in wearing a lab coat.
Brett complains that she specifically does not want Mommy talk, just Mom. And now, her fantasy is ruined!

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